Saturday, August 14, 2010

Frances and Kristian Wedding Photos and Slideshow

After quite a few hours during the week I have finally finished the K and F wedding slideshow video.

Wedding Slideshow Video on YouTube

The Flickr set for the Wedding

Things I have learnt / need to find out.
1) I should have taken more photos as it is quite hard to fill in a 5 1/2 minute song with only about 20 songs.
2) To help with 1), I should be more pushy and get the subjects to spend some time with me to get some good shots.
3) There is a limitation in Adobe Premiere Elements that only allows resolution images of 5000px on the longest edge. I will need to investigate to see if the full version or After Effects also have that limitation. If they do not then I will need to investigate purchasing the more advanced products in the future as Elements is ok for now.
4) I am still to work out the best render method in Premiere Elements
5) I think the video capabilities of YouTube are better than Flickr (Flickr seem to corrupt my videos).

Anyway stay tuned for the results of these issues.